About us

Consumers Trust is an innovative and pioneer project developed in Europe, born of the creation of a technology-based startup.

Launched in June 2009, after an unresolved complaint process between its founder, Pedro Lourenço, and a supermarket chain, the project grew in a sustained way along with the consumers and brands, who considered Consumers Trust, a channel of excellence, enabling dialogue, feedback and sharing of experiences, in order to achieve an understanding and resolve complaints.

Today, it assumes itself as the largest consumers social network in Europe and achieves a position of european reference, on the internet, in terms of consumption.

Currently, Consumers Trust is visited by millions of consumers in Europe every month. 98% of the visitors search the platform to communicate directly with other consumers, brands and public entities, as well as to compare brands ranking based on their Satisfaction Index available to the consumer, which reveals that the platform is more than a place to complain; it is a barometer of brand reputation.

The consumers in Europe recognize the service provided as of great value for allowing to submit a complaint anywhere, in only 3 steps and completely free of charge for all consumers.

Consumers Trust does not intervene in the relationship of the consumers with the brands and, therefore, does not conduct mediation between the parties However, once a complaint is approved, an email notification is sent to the brand, giving an opportunity to reply and resolve.

Consumers Trust is today a representation of the technological advance in the relationship of brands with their clients and of the paradigm shift of consumption in Europe.

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