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British Airways - British airways never again

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Antonio Santos
Antonio Santos filed the complaint
27 December 2022
I flew with British Airways (BA) on December 11th, 2022, from Lisbon to London (Heathrow) and then had a transfer, in the same company, to Chicago, with 1:15 hours for that transfer.
The plane left Lisbon with a delay of 2:50 hours, 10 minutes before BA was forced to pay compensation !!!, which reveals a priori bad faith. Of course, when I arrived at Heathrow had already lost the flight to Chicago.
In Heathrow (the worst airport I have been ever to), there was no information or BA support. There were huge lines (waiting for more than 2 hours) at the counters that said "no rebookings". I asked someone from the airport what to do and where to go and the answer was "go to the BA app and see what is there". I tried to get into the BA app but it was impossible because Wi-Fi is either very slow or thousands of people trying to use it.
Then I get an SMS message saying "You'll Now Receive SMS Flight Updates From United when Traveling. ". However, it was the only and last message I received.
As you should know the BA (T5) and United Airlines (UA) terminals are different, and to go from one to another took about 1 hour !!!!
Luckily, my wife, who was in Portugal, managed to see that they had rebooked me to the UA and I went to Terminal 2 where UA depart and arrive. I have no boarding pass or other information (except SMS) to prove that I had been rebooked. The luck was that the security girl let me pass and enter T2 and I was able to go to the UA counter.
And so, I arrived at Chicago O’Hara with more than 5 hours of delay and without any support from BA.
The return was similar. Chicago's departure was delayed by at least 1 hour and had to run and overtake all the security lines to get my flight to Lisbon, but I managed to take the flight to Lisbon because it was also late.
British Airways never again.
Heathrow airport never again
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Incident date: 11 December 2022
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