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Renault - Delayed registration of renault zoe car

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Leila Roshan Ahmadgoorabi
Leila Ahmadgoorabi filed the complaint
26 June 2023
I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration regarding the recent purchase of a Renault Zoe Car from your office in 4835-428 Guimaraes on 26th May, with the plate number AL-35-JR. I regret to inform you that, once again, the process of registering the car has not been completed at the Renault office.

This unfortunate situation is not the first time I have encountered such delays and inefficiencies with your company. I had previously purchased another car, and it took an excessive amount of time and effort, including numerous phone calls and a formal complaint letter, to finally receive the car's ID card.

As a customer, it is disheartening to experience such a lack of professionalism and efficiency. It is worth noting that I intend to use this Renault Zoe Car for my work on the Uber platform. Each passing day without the completion of the registration process directly translates to a loss of income for me.
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Incident date: 26 June 2023
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