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Viagogo - 535008382 - tickets did not delivered

No resolution
Emre Narin
Emre Narin filed the complaint
20 May 2024
I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with my recent experience using your service. I purchased a ticket on the 12th of May for an event scheduled on the 19th of May. Throughout the intervening seven days, I made multiple calls seeking assistance, as the seller had already secured the tickets and was expected to deliver them well in advance of the event.

Despite being reassured by Viagogo that the tickets would be delivered or a comparable ticket would be found, I traveled to Istanbul and visited the venue only to find that I could not gain entry. Consequently, I missed the match and was unable to support my team, in addition to incurring significant travel expenses.It is clear to me that the seller likely secured my purchase, subsequently listed the ticket on another platform at a higher price, and successfully sold it there. This situation has left me feeling aggrieved as I am the sole victim, while the seller faces no repercussions and Viagogo remains unaffected.

Viagogo must take immediate action to hold the seller accountable for timely ticket delivery and provide timely updates to buyers. Due to this egregious failure, I intend to escalate this issue through various consumer platforms, including LinkedIn and Instagram. Additionally, I will file an official complaint with the Turkish Authorities to ensure Viagogo is held accountable.
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Incident date: 19 May 2024
Emre Narin
Emre Narin rated the brand
3 June 2024


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