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Viagogo - Scam

No resolution
Marta  c
Marta c filed the complaint
7 April 2023
We bought 4 tickets for an Elton John concert that was originally scheduled for Fri 06 Nov 2020 18:30 (ORDER NUMBER: 22451918) which cost a total of $2,432.73 (including a booking / handling fee of $523,95 plus VAT!!!). After a very long silence from Viagogo we were recently informed by email from Viagogo that our tickets were moved to a concert on 09 April 2023 18:30 i.e. two and a half years later! During this period Viagogo kept our $2,432.73 payment made in 2020. Unfortunately we will not be in London on April 09 and therefore are unable to attend the concert which was rescheduled without previously checking our availability to attend and without the offer of any alternative. This process is totally unacceptable.

We have been told that the options we tried to explore (obtain a refund, change the tickets to an Elton John concert on another date in the UK or elsewhere) are not possible / available. I highlight again that the cost of the tickets was $2,432.73 and the service charged by Viagogo of $523,95 plus VAT!!

This situation is completely unacceptable since it is not our fault that the date of the concert was changed & that you moved our $2,432.73 tickets to a specific date without confirming our availability and without Viagogo giving us a solution to recover our money. We have nonetheless tried to sell the tickets, even at a loss!

So I am sending this email as a formal complaint and request for a refund. I trust this matter will be settled satisfactorily or I will certainly escalate this as a more serious complaint against Viagogo.
Incident date: 7 April 2023
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