What is the Consumers Trust?

Happy consumers build quality brands. The Consumers Trust is a platform designed for this purpose.

Happy consumers build quality brands. The Complaint Portal is a platform designed for this purpose. A communication channel between both, for a quick resolution of problems. Every day we receive hundreds of complaints from consumers, which makes the Portal da Queixa, in Portugal, a national reference on the Internet in consumer matters. Now, we want to provide the same to consumers and brands with presence in England.

The Consumers Trust is an innovative project

Consumers Trust is an innovative and pioneering project in Europe. Today, it is the largest digital reputation marketplace in the country, facilitating communication between consumers and brands.

In Portugal, 98% of visitors use the platform to communicate directly with other consumers, brands, and public entities, as well as to compare the ranking of brands based on their Satisfaction Index available to consumers, which shows that the platform is more than a place to complain, it is a barometer of brand reputation.

Currently, the project is present in four countries. In Portugal, as Portal da Queixa; France, as RéclameICI; Spain as Libro de Quejas and South Africa, as Complaints Book.


The Consumers Trust is a private and exempted project

The Consumers Trust is a private platform. We are not a public organization. We are an alternative to other channels of communication and complaint with brands and entities. We allow a simple communication with them, so that they can quickly solve the problems identified by consumers.


The Consumers Trust doesn't replace the ombudsman

Currently, there are numerous entities with the designation of ombudsman, which are dedicated to a sector, activity, or services of both a public and private nature. However, the Consumers Trust isn't an alternative to the ombudsman since it doesn't intervene in complaints or respond on behalf of brands.


We are a platform where consumers can share their complaint, in a public way, and obtain more information based on the experiences reported by consumers.


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