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In the TOPs you will find more information in a simple, essential and relevant way to make safe choices.

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Why it's important to consult TOP Brands?

Topic Overview

By consulting the TOP page of the brands in a category, you will know in a simple way how each brand is performing.

Better market knowledge

You'll stay up to date with the performance of the brands you know, and you'll see new brands that may also suit what you're looking for.

Making informed and correct decisions

Comparing brands in a specific topic allows you to make a good and informed decision.

What is the difference between a TOP and a Brand Ranking?

The TOP collects different brands from one or more categories with additional information about them. It does not follow a hierarchy and aims to make the choice of a brand easier.

The ranking is based on the results of the Satisfaction Index (IS) in its category, according to the consumers' evaluation. It obeys a hierarchy, the result of the IS.

What are the advantages of consulting TOP Brands?

The ease of knowing the market better and having access to the best brands in a category.

Consumers find, in one place, all brands and can compare the best ones, services, consumer opinions, among others.

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